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Guys, I've got a new order from Bargain and I can say the following :

- Metrics are very very good ,and onsite stats are above what I was expecting and above what was discussed so they over delivered
- Structure and text is great ,well spun,no plagiarism,with good kw density and good amount of words

This service is for those who are looking for high-quality posts with high metrics websites !
Review copy: @bargainbed provide a nice mix of links, ranging from DR 31 - 76.

A few of the sites, I've never seen in a link package before, which indicates these are idea for diversity, and not your usual automated rubbish. A good USP to have these days!
i got a mix of 6 links as review copy with my keywords 2 profiles , 2 web 2.0 and forum .. with backlinks to my website

some of them already indexed ..

the service is great and i think it will make good impact in my serp .
Thanks for giving me 7 links as review copy!
  • 2 Citation, 2 Profiles, 1 Web2.0 & 2 Forum
  • Good selection of mixed sites
  • Content related to my niche
  • Good communication & supper fast TAT
  • Waiting for it to be indexed
Overall, good review copy & good for backlink portfolio
Review Time

I got 7 links as a review copy.
The links are mixed from profile and forum and Web 2.0
These links are good for diversification and make the site look natural.
The content is the same as my niche, and the anchor text was used correctly.

I received a review copy from @bargainbed backlinks service.
I've got 2 profiles - 2 citations - 1 web 2.0 - 2 forum = 7 total within niche related posts.
This should add link diversity to my site.
The service is professional - you should add this service to your SEO strategy.
I received eight backlinks from the OP as a review copy. Four are do follow and four are no follow. The links are a combination of citation, web 2.0, profile and forum links. The DR of the site is very good. I would say that this service is good if you want to diversify your links when creating a new site. My recommendation.
This backlink service is the best in the business. It's fast, reliable, and delivers high-quality links that will help your website rank higher in search engines. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their website's performance.
I was lucky to get a review copy of 8 links small pack

Here is my review

2 Citation, 2 Profiles, 2 Web2.0 & 2 Forum
- The sites have DR and other good SEO matrices
- Links posted with c
ontent related to my niche
- The articles are readable and plagiarism free
- Posts are not indexed in Google yet (I will check later)

My suggestions:
- Including indexing service in the package

Overall clean and decent service,
I recommend
Got a review copy consisting of 7 links

A nice mix of Follow & Do Follow with metrics ranging from DR 29 -94

4/7 Already indexed

Great links for diversity

Received my links and I have to say, great overall!

2 Citations, 2 Profiles, 1 Web2.0, and 2 Forum submissions compose a well-rounded mix of platforms. The content aligns seamlessly with my niche, showcasing exceptional communication and impressively swift TAT. Now anticipating its swift indexing.
Awesome service from the seller:
  • 2 Citations, 2 Profiles, 2 Web2.0, and 2 Forum links
  • Sites possess high DR and favorable SEO metrics
  • Articles are original, easily readable, and plagiarism-free
  • Posts await indexing in Google
  • Great service from seller overall
Highly recommend for diversification den boost
I received a review copy.

OP for a review provided 7 backlinks, with good DR from 29-92, all comments/profiles/web 2.0 were posted in niche-related discussions/sites, posts were well written related to discussion & human readable, should stick, and do not look spammy. A mix of such links is good for backlink profile diversification, and the overall impact on ranking is unclear yet, as not all of them are indexed.
I have received free review copy and here is my review

I got 7 links that are mixed of citations, forum comments, profiles and 1 web2.0

These are def good for diversification but you would need really a ton of these to make any impact but combining these with some other PBN links or cloud stacks you will see def great results.
The content look like was grabbed from my website so thats fine in those kind of links!
Anchor text are mixed which is great!

For local services this could be a perfect service and I may consider to buy that in the near future for my local projects.
As a review copy, I received six links from the seller - profiles, citations, and two web 2.0s.
Here's the domain statistics.


I want to highlight a good article on Medium, relevant to the topic, with a lot of text and an image.
It's a good addition to diversify your link profile!
I received a package with 7 links:
2 Citations;
2 Profiles;
2 Forums;
1 Web 2.0..
All links are Do Follow where 4 anchor texts are from the URL and 3 from the keyword. At the time of posting, 2 links have been indexed.
Good service, with links with good diversity.
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