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Got free review 10$ ads, first of all thanks for it.

Got decent results.
He made a good google spreadhseet with information about the keywords, competition, etc.
Results can be viewed here: https://prnt.sc/t7GxSHLkjqwq
Just got my $10 free review copy, received about 38 clicks and 358 imp. The ad was running from june 4-8.
I actually got a response from the ad he ran for us. I will surely use your service in future.

I was thinking how the client came to us, i was totally confused but then he msgd and we know now "How the client came to us"

Thank You!

Recent Reviews...
Sorry I might be a bit slow but can you please DM me and explain what’s the benefits of this service like understand it’s google ads but isn’t that normal I’m so confused.

Also please FREE TRIAL
I have received free $10 ad spent on my website in very restricted niche in USA. $10 is not enough to make a full test of it but my campaign ran and generated few clicks so it definitely works!

- I dont have ability to control or even see the campaign and its settings in real time so hard to say how can we optimize it.
- I dont know how exactly ads looked like but I have written down headlines and descriptions in the report sheet and it look general and good.
- There is a screenshot of the keywords used and since my webiste is Service we don't target informational keywords but one of those keywords is stricte informational.
- I don't know how exactly they used my URL for this campaign (if this was cloaking or straight URL) but out of those 5 clicks I didn't get any call. Of course $10 is not enough to get any response but just reviewing entire service.

I think this service is great if you have trouble running your own grey or black hat niche campaigns but I would suggest to provide your own targeted keywords and also negative keywords.
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