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    Grabbed From The WF - War Room
    By Kim Roach

    For those of you who know me, you probably know that I?m a traffic addict. Finding new traffic strategies is like opening a shiny new present on
    Christmas day.

    But in this article, I really want to zone in what's been working best in our business. I've been staying super focused this year on the high-leverage tasks in our business. While weeding out or outsourcing the rest.

    We hit the six-figure mark two years ago so a lot of what I'll be doing this year is more of the same.

    That's one of the biggest keys I've learned - staying laser-focused on the fundamentals. You don't build a six-figure business by purchasing every bright shiny object. In fact, you build a six-figure business by ignoring and filtering most information while staying laser-focused on the high-leverage tasks in your business (i.e. list building, product development, and conversion)

    And so today I thought I'd share with you the 10 strategies we're focusing on this year to take our business from six-figures to seven.

    So, without further ado, let?s dive in...

    1. Solo Ads

    This is one of the BIGGEST traffic sources in our business. And there's a reason I listed it first. So many people who start a business online shy away from actually spending any money on BUILDING their business.

    Sure, they'll pay thousands of dollars for training - but VERY few will spend any money on traffic. Which is really sad because you can buy a $50 solo ad and start generating subscribers and sales. I do these every week. One of our solo ads that went out this week cost $50, sent me 249 unique visitors and generated 134 subscribers.

    That's 20 cents per click and a little under 40 cents per lead. And the ad was profitable within 48 hours. It doesn't get much better than that

    And that why I LOVE solo ads. Consistent, predictable traffic.

    And that's what your business should be - consistent and predictable.

    You could literally use this ONE strategy alone to build your entire business.

    2. Ad Swaps

    Ad swaps are hands-down one of my favorite list building techniques.
    They allow you to add 200-500 subscribers in a single day.

    Essentially, an ad swap occurs when two list owners each agree to mail their list about the OTHER person?s free offer. This is usually a free offer placed on a squeeze page in exchange for someone?s name and email address. As a result, they are both adding hundreds of subscribers to their lists.

    Quick Note: Keep in mind that whenever you?re doing ad swaps, you should not base the ad swap on the number of subscribers someone has but rather on the average number of click-throughs they get in each email.

    Lots of marketers have big lists but that does not necessarily mean that they are responsive lists. So base your swaps on how much traffic they can generally send rather than just the number of subscribers itself.

    Also remember to keep your ad swaps limited to about 3 per month.

    There are WAY too many marketers out there going hog wild with these ad
    swaps and they end up ruining their list because of it. Instead, you need
    to keep your ad swaps very limited and ONLY do them with people who are
    providing MASSIVE value.

    I'm very strict about WHO I swap with. I only want to swap with people
    who have similar values, provide massive value, and are going to treat
    my subscribers like gold.

    I'm not just looking for one-off deals. I'm looking to form long-term relationships with like-minded marketers. These are strategic partners who I may setup longer term integration partnerships with. That way we can continue to send each other traffic week after week.

    Don't limit yourself to just ad saps. You can also do twitter swaps,
    Facebook swaps, article swaps, banner swaps, thank-you page ad
    swaps, etc...

    Speaking of different ways to exchange traffic, that brings us to...

    3. Rocket Deals

    Put together 3-5 rocket deals and you can easily put all of your traffic
    on autopilot. Sending 1,000-5,000 visitors to your website every week. Without any work on your part.

    So here's how you set it up...

    It's basically an exchange of virtual real estate. (a.k.a. Integration Marketing)

    The goal is to get your ad OR your content on other people's thank-you
    page, Log-out page, auto-responder follow-ups, Bonus Area, Upsell, Banner Space, etc...

    This is a STRATEGIC partner that you'll be exchanging virtual real estate with. So for example, maybe they'll put YOUR ad on their thank-you page and you'll put THEIR ad on your thank-you page.

    Or maybe they put your ad on their thank-you page in exchange for you putting an email promo in your follow-up sequence.

    The possibilities are unlimited.

    And it's a win-win deal. I'm offering them right up front a TON of value - offering to send them hundreds of visitors on autopilot each and every week.

    In return for them putting my ad on their thank-you page. (or some
    variation of that)

    Do this with just 3-5 people and you can push 10,000 - 20,000 visitors to
    your website every month, all on autopilot. That's how powerful it can be
    when you set up these type of integration deals with strategic partners.

    And remember, we're not looking to develop relationships with just anyone and everyone. We're looking for strategic, long-term relationships to setup
    these sort of win-win deals over the long-term.

    You're looking for people who already have access to the traffic. People who do a lot of ad swaps, have a high-traffic website, have a high-traffic forum, etc... Those are the type of people you want to strike up deals with.

    So find the people who own the traffic and then create an irresistible offer
    that will allow you to swap virtual real estate.

    4. Integration Marketing

    Another big thing we've been doing this year is integration marketing - contributing our product (the Traffic Dashboard) as a bonus to other people's products / membership sites.

    In exchange, we build a list of buyers. Extremely powerful.

    This also works especially well DURING a product launch. You can offer to promote someone's product in exchange for putting your product in their member's area as a bonus.

    This is one of our main focuses in 2012.

    Integrating our product into OTHER people's product funnels.

    5. Forum Marketing

    I'm also a HUGE fan of forum marketing. A bit 'old school' but it still works amazingly well and it's one of the fastest ways to drive laser-targeted traffic to your website.

    The key here is to provide tremendous value to the community. Much like social media, forums are communities and the key to successful forum marketing is to interact with the community and provide insane value.

    Give away your very best information and you will get tons of free traffic and quickly build your reputation as an expert in your field.

    More Value = More Traffic

    The more value you provide, the more people who will come to visit your site through your signature link.

    It?s NOT about quantity. It?s about quality.

    6. High-Level Guest Blogging

    This is a staple in our business. One of the best ways to drive highly targeted traffic and build relationships with other bloggers is through guest blogging.

    If you?re serious about building a successful online business, you?ll be writing till your eyes bleed... writing killer content not only for your own blog ? but also for other blogs.

    To give you a quick example, I?ve had my own content published on sites like ProBlogger.net, Rosalind Gardner?s NetProfitsToday.com, LifeHack.org, ZenHabits.net, Site-Reference.com, Pat Flynn?s SmartPassiveIncome.com and many others.

    And as a result I?ve received thousands of visitors to my blog.

    But even more importantly, I?ve also developed a circle of friends.

    You see, PEOPLE are the cornerstone to EVERY business ? online or offline.

    Building connections and fostering relationships is one of the fastest ways to shortcut your way to success.

    Way too many people online are looking for one-off deals when they could be forming long-term, strategic partnerships.

    The other big key to guest blogging is to focus on the most popular blogs within your market. Don?t go after little small blogs just cause you think they?ll accept you.

    Go big or go home.

    With guest blogging, you?re only going to see truly viable results if you zone in on the top traffic blogs within your market.

    That?s where you?re going to see you?re best results (sending hundreds
    of visitors your way for each guest post).

    You can also submit exclusive content to be published in OTHER people's newsletter.

    While others pay hundreds of dollars for advertising you can skip to the front of the line with just one good article.

    I did this over and over again when I was just getting started online and it was my #1 traffic source.

    In exchange for providing your world-class content to other people?s newsletters, you get instant exposure to thousands of laser-targeted
    subscribers. And of course at the end of that article is a link that points back to your website.

    7. Pillar Content

    I've built my business on the back of world-class content.

    The first step to building a community of fans is to create insanely valuable content that oozes with personality...

    Your unique voice is what people will be drawn to.

    One of the biggest things I've done to stand out online is to create incredibly valuable content. I've been told over and over that many of of my articles could have been sold as products.

    But that's what differentiates you from your competitors.

    Combine that with your own unique personality and you're unstoppable.

    And this year I'm striving to raise the bar even further.

    Creating content that makes people think. Inspires. Creates value.
    Provides a new perspective. Pushes people out of their comfort zones.
    Challenges your readers. And creates nothing short of a braingasm!

    That's the kind of content that people share with their network of friends via Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon.

    But first, you have to create content that's actually WORTH sharing.

    8. Social Media

    You might be surprised to see this on my list because many people see social media as a huge time suck. And it certainly can be.

    But it can also drive a TON of traffic.

    And because our business is built largely around content - social media provides us with a HUGE opportunity to spread that content virally.

    Plus, these platforms are a really great place to ENGAGE with your community. Especially Facebook. It allows you to connect with your subscribers on a much deeper level.

    We are living through the 'Humanization of Business'

    Now, more than ever before, business is about relationships. People are buying from people they know, like, and trust.

    A perfect example here is Oprah Winfrey. People rush out to buy Oprah Winfrey's recommendations becuase she own's a massive amount of emotional equity. She has incredibly loyal, raving fans because she 'HUMANIZED' her business.

    It's what I call personality marketing. And it's becoming more and more important for those who want to build a successful business online.

    9. Paid Advertising

    I'm a big fan of paid traffic because it creates consistent, predictable
    income and it allows you to scale your business.

    But keep in mind I haven't always been this way. I used to run away from
    ANY sort of paid advertising.

    But once I started using solo ads, I quickly realized the power of paid traffic and what it can do for you business.

    So in addition to solo ads, I'll also be placing banner ads, Facebook ads, and working out custom deals with website owners.

    10. World-Class Affiliate Program

    Last year we did a 100%, Instant Commission Affiliate program with our
    Traffic Dashboard product. That created a perpetual lead machine that
    generated 200+ subscribers per day on autopilot for MONTHS!!

    If you're wanting to build a list quickly, one of the best ways to do that is to create a killer product and give away 100% commissions.

    Instant commissions are another big incentive for affiliates.

    Our goal is to provide as much value as humanly possible to our affiliates.

    That means providing a high-converting sales funnel, high epc, and
    plug-and-play tools that allow them to make sales quickly and easily.

    This year I'll be building out a new affiliate program with our Marketing Lab membership site.

    I'm currently optimizing the sales funnel so that the conversions will be as high as possible when we open it up to affiliates.

    Because when you treat your affiliates right ? they?ll send you traffic month in and month out.

    And that's why we want to raise the bar even higher - creating a truly
    World-Class affiliate program.

    We'll be doing that through...

    * JV Blog - Where we can provide training, post video updates, and spotlight our top affiliates.

    * Plug-And-Play Affiliate Tools - Solo emails, blog reviews, banners,
    thank-you page ads, forum signatures, pre-written tweets, pre-written
    Facebook updates, a library of top-notch content they can post on
    their blog, and Rebrandable PDF ebooks.

    * VIP Program - Top affiliates will be invited to a VIP group where they have closer contact with me, bonus prizes, along with additional tools (custom content, custom landing pages, webinars for their subscribers, etc...)

    Focus and speed of implementation are two of the BIGGEST keys to building a six-figure business online.

    And so at the end of each day I ask myself two questions.

    1. What have I done to GROW my list of subscribers?


    2. What have I done to SERVE and ENGAGE with my list of subscribers?

    Ask yourself those 2 questions EVERY day and you'll have your biggest year ever in 2012.


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