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    Hey Guys,

    I am sure you have heard of PostLoop. Today I will give you a perspective from a site owner and how you can use PostLoop for your site.
    No I do not work for postloop and I dont care if you want to use this or not. I found it useful hence I am sharing it.

    So what can you do with PostLoop?

    a) Targeted High Quality Comments

    If you check above you can see that I have 57 Approved comments. There is 20 more pending.
    This is NOT spam. These are high quality comments. The have awesome grammar and spelling. Not to mention cheap!
    Very very cheap.

    Make your site look alive.
    Increase conversions.
    Increase resale value of your sites.

    b) Targeted Users
    I have about 126 Users. These are NOT spam signups. I clear out all spam and have multiple methods to weed out fake subscribers.
    These users are interested in your blog. Yes, you are paying them to blog but people dont post on blogs they are not interested in. The have a genuine interest and they want to get paid. Also note that many of these users will keep on coming back.

    C) Free Optin Emails
    You can email these users with CPA offers and such and make some money.
    Remember these users want to earn money. There are MANY different offers you can promote.

    Anyways Good Luck. Post below if you have any questions.
    I personally use it for getting some high quality comments to boost my conversion rates and participation rates.
    Make your own twists and bank hard.

    Note: You can get thousands of users if you deposit like $50 and change it to unlimited commenting. You will find a HUGE amount of signups and comments.
    Then simply email them and make back the money.
    You can email them using a WordPress Mail Plugin.

    This is not by any means make you thousands of dollars. Just sharing my experience.
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