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    I want to start some new project ideas, but dont want to invest into domains first to see how it goes and get some practice.

    Does free subdomains from free webhosts have a chance to rank like normal domains or are they restricted ? I.e. free subdomain/free webhost and combined with URL cloaking to the domain name i want.

    Yeah i know, the best is to buy real domains but i just want to test some things before i do anyone has expirience here.
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    It all depends on the free host. People have been spamming the crap out of free hosts for YEARS and many / most free hosts have domain-wide penalties applied to them now. Your best bet is to comb the serps looking for free serps where you can find someone else already ranking in a semi competitive niche - these are good free hosts to go for.

    Check out the to make sure there are lots of pages indexed for that free host; if the number seems low, it means that free host has some kind of penalty attached. You would expect most established, non-penalized free hosts to have 10s of thousands of pages (or even millions) indexed.

    If you are going to start spamming them, be aware that many free hosts will delete your stuff quite quickly and you will never get to see the full effect of your spamming activities. Also, a different set of rules apply when you're trying to rank a new subdomain on an established (free host) domain vs. trying to rank a brand new domain.

    If you want to learn, you're better off just setting some money aside to burn and buy some domains of your own as part of the learning process.