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I'm going to go through and add everyone as friends.

If you'd like to add me at StumbleUpon it's

username: jstratford
Hi I have jsut added everyone from page one 1 all the way thru to page 3 of this thread.
name is termaximus11 plz add for those of you who can, i'd really appreciate it. thank you. and thanks to the poster of the thread for giving us this sharing cooperation opportunity that 'll give us all the opportunity to succeed...
Thanks to jstratford and explortrade56 for adding me on Stumbleupon :D
Just added everyone on this last page, can you check your inboxes and accept. If I didnt add you by chance, send me a request.

added a lot of you! Add me : musictipsblog
Just added everyone above.. took like 15 mins... damn
Please add:


added and subscribed almost everyone

plz ad karenhenderson90
Plz add me too, i added all above - rick0r
and miroxy please send me your friends traffic - of course i give THANKS back :)

btw on stumble its good to have over 20 not that everybody makes 20 - its gonna lkook suspicious ;) so feel free to add as muc has possible!
hey guys, accepted a couple of invites. I'm at 18, can acouple of you help me out getting to 20?


Not open for further replies.
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