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    I just signed on here, got some good advice so i thought id contribute a bit..cant really do that with SEO knowlege or any of that cause im just startin out..

    Now I dont really know if u guys thought this was already obvious or not but M$ (microsoft) doesnt seem to asking for there defective products back when you call customer service for a component still under warenty..

    Last week I grabed a arc laser mouse from the display cause i thought my IRD or w/e the fuck there called would work with the other one i had at home that was broke..I called in the one i grabed from the shelf expecting I had to ship it back to get a new one with IRD and all..Nope bran new in box shipped a few days ago to my door!

    Now what im numbers but u cant heat out your mailing adress too much...

    Love this site BTW!! haha PCE!