Free Stock Photos For Your Blog - Part 2

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    GraphicStock (I'm not affiliated to them) is giving away 7 days of complimentary access to download anything you want from over 150,000 images, icons vectors, textures, backgrounds and more.

    After signing up you can download a maximum of 20 images per day, for 7 days in total. This is a free trial and you will need to submit your credit card details.

    1. Visit Graphicstock . com / freeimages

    2. Create an Account

    3. Submit your card details (you won't be charged!)

    After 7 days don't forget to cancel your account (otherwise you will be charged):

    Go to Manage Account > Billing & Subscription > Cancel subscription

    If you don't wish to submit your card details you can use my first method posted on BHW, using Fotolia.
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    Wow thanks :) This will come in handy for a few design projects that I have to do. I usually use pixabay a lot. They have a lot of free great images. But they are limited in some niches/topics.