[FREE] SEnuke for Exec. VIPs


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Jul 8, 2009
If you are a Executive VIP here, I will give you 6 months license for senuke.

Why am I giving it for free?
I am giving it away to be a part of your "online tribe". Being with people like you will help me.

What I need in return?
Nothing much, I just need to brainstorm some ideas with you. I DO NOT want your ideas but want to discuss my ideas with you.

When You will get it?
See, its 18 Nov here... I will be busy till 22 Nov as my brother is getting married. You will get your SEnuke license before 25th Nov. I can do it in 24 hours too if you are online right now. :p
PS. I have three 6-months license already payed for with me ....
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mate im not a vip but would love a copy, pweeaze
Being first to reply has got to count for something :)
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I'm also open for some brain-storming if you need it.
Don't need your tools though - guess exec. VIP got the tools they need.

Oh my gosh guys he offered it to Exec. VIPs so he's obviously not going to give it out to people with 20 posts.

Stop begging it gets annoying!

P.S. I was looking for a good smiley for this post, but I found one that made me say what the fuck! :blowjob:
When the Venom SEO bot hit the market, well nevermind lets just say u will be comparing a lexus to a lambo
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