Free Search Engine/Directory Submitter!

Nathan B

Regular Member
Nov 22, 2008
This script will submit your website to over 300 search engines and directories!

Awhile back I bought visitors at, and I paid an extra $50 for the search engine/directory submitter, biggest waste of my life, however, the directory submitter wasn't a waste! However, I just paid for the link to the script, $50 for a link! BS! So, I'm sharing it with you guys:

Hit the "Thanks" button if you like it. :p
Also, use your SPAM email address, a lot of directories will spam you, so create or use a current email address used for spam.
No problem, hope you enjoy it. Revisitors shouldn't be charging people a dime for this! (Or there services, its just a damn bot and proxies, and it's not like YouTube where it gets you honors, because with YouTube a bot and proxies give you honors, then fame, however with websites, it gives you nothing but soaked up bandwidth.)
I find some free webs help us to submit our urls
Hope they are useful
I think they just added the feature for other country search engines, I didn't see that before...
Okay, I got two emails asking for the script, just want to let people know, This isn't my website and I don't have the script. ;)
People don't submit website in search engines these days. I guess Google and other top searches bots are enough fast to index websites.
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