[FREE REVIEW COPY] For Sales thread approval Your Ultimate Web Solution, WordPress, Shopify, Custom Scripts , ALL IN AFFORDABLE PRICES, STARTING $200

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Jan 25, 2023
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What we're presenting:

We're extending an exclusive opportunity to a fortunate member interested in trying out our website development service. The selected individual will receive a complimentary review of our premium package. In exchange, we kindly ask for an honest review of their experience with our service.

If you have a passion for website development and are eager to put our service to the test, we warmly welcome you to express your interest by leaving a comment. Prior to participation, we request that you have a minimum of 300 posts on this forum.

Upon completion of the selection process, we will initiate a direct message (DM) with the chosen individual. This DM will be closely monitored by @Echo and @BassTrackerBoats, as well as our team, for observation and feedback purposes.

Disclaimer - Important Information:

Please be aware that we are offering only one review copy of our top-tier package to seek approval for testing our website development service. The selection of the collaborating individual will be made carefully, and the subsequent DM conversation will be closely monitored by the BHW Staff.

We eagerly anticipate your response. Thank you.
Interested too hopefully I get selected
Love to review the service. I was selected for the same for 2 more development services in BST for marketplace approvals but none of them have delivered a complete website as promised yet...
Will see if this works :)
Interested in a review copy!
Not open for further replies.
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