[FREE OPPORTUNITY] 250 Followers, 250 Likes & 250 Repins on Pinterest. ALL FREE.

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    Hello there everyone!

    So we're continuously expanding our social services and will, very soon offer an all in one Pinterest service hopefully. I have not given back to the community since a while now so here's a major opportunity for almost everyone.

    Everyone here knows Pinterest is one of the next big thingies on the internet (it already is pretty big now). The great thing about Pinterest is that you give your campaign this initial boost, and if you do it right, it takes off and SUSTAINS ITSELF. We're offering you today an all-in-one pinterest promotion package that can really help with that initial ignition on your account.

    Facts & Benefits

    - Top 16 site in the USA, 38 in the world according to Alexa.
    - Considered third top social network after twitter and FB.
    - Offers an extremely wide pool of marketing opportunities for the out-of-the-box thinkers (hell even for the inside the box thinkers too).
    - Helps grow your link base and juice, and can help quickly index pages in search engines.
    - Unique accounts from clean, private IP addresses with followers.
    - You can split to up to 9 URLs (3 accounts, 3 pins to be liked, 3 pins to be repinned).
    - No need to follow anyone, like any pin or repin anything.
    - No password needed.

    What are the requirements?

    We do not care much about posts but rather how valuable you've been to the community. So here's the simple criteria:

    - You must have been thanked 15 times or more.
    - You must have a reputation of 10 or more.
    - Staff members, VIPs and senior members obviously get priority in available spots according to their ranks.

    How do I claim the service?
    - First post here confirming you want to claim the free service.
    - Go to http://www.fanwizard.net/pinterest-order and fill in the details as provided by the instructions.

    You will receive follow up emails from us outlining whether your order will be sent soon, have been put in queue, or spots are no longer available. Please DO NOT PM. Use our support system on the website if you need support. You will receive the exact same support received by any paid customer.

    What's in it for you?

    Good question. Well firstly I get to give back. Secondly I test the service and ensure the system is in its best shape before going live and accepting payments. Thirdly, on the order page you will find a field to submit an "estimate" of how much YOU WOULD want to pay if YOU WERE to pay for the service in the future. This helps us put a competitive and fair price point. Finally, I get reviews from members that are willing to review. This is not obligatory though.

    Important Notes

    - We have the right to close the offer any point in time.
    - This service is in BETA. While it's completely safe to use on your accounts, you may experience some delays or some hiccups on our side during communication. If anything like that happens, it'll be fixed promptly but we ask for your patience and understanding if anything like that occurs. The service typically delivers in up to 4 days. (usually 24-48 hours though).