Free niche jacking make a money stealing other peoples money


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Jun 22, 2008
Niche jacking 101 - robbing guru's niches on the fly

(sorry i have this in caps i wrote this out on word why on a plane with a little tequila in me)

niche jacking make a money stealing other peoples money free
don?t know where to start?
Don?t know what niche to go into?
Simple method for niche tracking and jacking!
Copycat 101 im blackhat style
so are you looking for new niche and see braggers or guru?s in forums talking shit and making a killing online and wondering how there are doing it or what niche they are in. Here is how to rob that niche or tap others guru?s money niches? disect it! Duplicate it! Improve it!
Step 1: Track the guru
a. If they have a domian in the signature
b. If they have a book out leading to a domain
c. Google there forum name to find other forums they as they probably use this name often and find there websites.

Find all the sites you can find out about that guru by the methods below and list those domains in a spreadsheet. With the list your next step is going find out the ip addresses and then find out all the domain on those ip?s.

Step 2: Reverse domain tracking

now many marketeers have their sites on one ip address but some of them have them on multiple ip addresses. With all the sites you pulled from there books and the forums. Run ip address checks on those sites. Once you have the ip address do a domain check on that ip address to find all the niches that the guru is involved in that they are keeping a secret on that same ip address. You will find quite a bit.

My ip neighbors (reverse domain check)

step 3: Disect it! Duplicate it! Improve it!

A. Disect it: Do a link check on the site find out all links that are making that site what it is. Get a count of the links figure out what works best for the niche. Look at the exact onsite and off site seo methods that the guru has used. Find out what traffic methods he is using and what affiliate links are making him money or what money making methods he is using. Click through the aff links etc and find out the companies he is doing business with .
B. Duplicate it: Start your on site doing the same niche. Duplicate anyting that works or makes the site strong that you recognize. If he is making money with adsense , a affiliate program or anything don?t reinvent the wheel if it works for them it will work for you.
C. Improve it: Do you see anyting weak in his methods. Make it better. Add more links. Optimize more pages, make more pages, do what it takes to get better then him. Have a stronger marketing plan.

Bottom line guys there is a shitload of money out there. And if you are not creative copy someone elses success not everyone can come up with there own shit and many niches have a ton of room, and rinse and repeat. Copycat 101 is one of the best lessons you will every learn in life! If it works why not copy it!
Yep it takes alot of the work out yourself. Just look at what others are doing and you will find the blueprint. But look at successful individuals and then map how you can make it better and duplicate it.... You will find a winner without all the trial and error.
you've got luv this ... a good hassle free method. thanks man... I'm still a newbie in the process of learning and this helps
start writing Ebooks " gurus exposed , what makes really makes their money ( other than scamming you with their retarted ebooks) only 2k$) :p
Oooooo, Thank you very much! I'm in the middle of doing this process, but I haven't take it as far as you. Now I know I've got more steps to take. Dig dig dig, I LOVE detective work, and get a great buzz finding out things people don't want me to know....he-he-he.
Yes if they say they are making millions run a background check on them find out what they are involved in and duplicate it.
I always run accross noobs with no ideas this gives them ideas to study and blueprints to study. Takes them from zero to hero if they know how to take action.
funny thing about this post is...
I was just at another post stating "bullshit yourself to the top" so I often wonder if at the end of the road we are going to find a bunch of BS'ers saying they make a lot of money when they really don't...
I would point out the major issue you raised previously - most "smart" marketers are not going to have their ebook and blackhat sites on the same IP address.
Who said because the say the make a million dollars a day they are that smart. I have found alot of niches this way...
why do you need to whois there website ip it works the same as the url doesnt it
either than that good guide might try (=
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