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    This Post is a copy paste of a answer I Replied back about a person asking how to make money with Micro Niche Blogs. After i posted it I fiqured it was good enough to deserve it's own thread.

    Recommend things to help him out that are shoestring or free.

    do a google search for your niche ... example (bass fishing) : Bass Fishing wordpress ... read the article, pull something such as what kind of lure or technique the author mentions... leave a comment like thanks for the idea, i usually use this technique (a technique you found on another google search) will def have to try this.

    make a facebook page about the niche and use the feature that imports your rss feeds to the fan page, subscribe to other peoples fan pages for the niche and make a few decent comments along the same line as above.

    use twitter feed and insert your blogs rss feed so your posts are displayed on twitter

    find articles on your niche, reword them a little bit and submit to article directories.

    make a blogger account or additional wordpress. com account and submit your already made articles with a link to your main blog. Use these new blogs rss feeds as mentioned above to a different twitter account.

    go to fiverr and buy gigs that will post your links to their X,XXX number of followers

    these are just a few ideas that a newbie can do for FREE ...

    I'm not saying that the services aren't worth the price they pay, but a site that is crappy won't automatically be made better by some seo services that you are paying more money than you will actually earn in the year.

    I make money just using autoblogs, twitter, studies keywords and a decent pinglist. I also use .info domain names and usually a cheap cpanel host. Just remember to backup and download often incase hosting gets banned. I usually earn enough in a week to cover my domain name and hosting costs for the month , possibly the year if i bought a cheap multiyear hosting found on ebay.

    I'm not making big money, but i do it for a hobby ... almost forgot i'm deployed to afghanistan so i don't have enough time to spend hours making websites .... IM marketing is easy ... find a technique... test it out... if successful .... continue doing it ... make enough money hire people to do it .... if you get bored with it, move into another technique.