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    While ******** crawlable links are usually good for your website's search engine ranking, sometimes you just want to keep your URL a secret for reasons such as:
    1. You are buying links for your website and wants to post your URL for webmasters to submit their offers.
    2. You are selling your website and you definitely do not want search engines to "know" about it.
    3. You are posting a link to a resource and do not wish the owner's logging program to identify the referer (and maybe block all traffic from the source).
    4. You are selling a service that is considered "black hat" and wish for the maximum privacy for your links.
    5. You just want a fast, reliable URL shortener.
    Example Link #1:
    Example Link #2:
    Example Link #3: helps to protect (good|bad) bots from following your link to your actual website. This helps to protect your search engine rankings and increase the privacy of your sale or services. is free to use, so start protecting your links today!
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    I'll test it. Thanks for URL