Free Legal Help Against Copyright Trolls

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    could be helpful if you're getting threatening letters about copyright.

    Copyright Trolls, Biz Scum, Freetards - It's NOT Black and White

    A new intellectual property rights organization has popped up in the United States called New Media Rights. New Media Rights strikes a different balance than most intellectual property organizations; they champion the rights of independent creators as well as those of individual consumers.

    New Media Rights provide free legal assistance to consumers targeted by copyright trolls as well as to independent creators seeking to assert their intellectual property rights. They are a program of the California Western School of Law in San Diego, but are independently funded and rely on donations.

    New Media Rights also participates strongly in advocacy regarding intellectual property issues, and have gotten themselves invited to participate in the review of extant law.

    Their novel approach to the intellectual copyright piqued my interest; I asked Shaun Spalding, assistant director at New Media Rights, if I could pick his brain. Here is the resulting interview: