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    I don't consider this is a "google hack," but it's really useful. This isn't a share per se, since I'm not uploading anything. If this doesn't belong here, sorry.

    A lot of you probably know this, but for those that don't...

    Throw this into Google:

    This will net you hundreds (thousands?) of .mobi files,many of which are best sellers. Gives you about 1600 results to dig through. You can add the wild card --> * to increase the results to about 40,000.

    And yes, you can use this to find many other types of files: .mov, .mp3, .epub, etc.

    For those that don't know, this works because people upload their files to their personal websites and then forget to tell Google not to index the page.

    You can search for multiple file types in the same query like this:

    Again, use the wildcard -->* for more results.

    This yields a lot of reading material:

    One thing though, once Google detects you using advanced operators they'll start asking you complete capchas every now and then. Use a VPN if you have one.
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