FREE Keyword Competition Analysis for 500kw's:Get All super-Easy Keys from your list!

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    Thought Would give back something to bhw community for all the stuff shared here,So Im offering this for Next Few People who apply For free:

    I will analyze your keyword list of up to 500keywords and you will get from your list all those keywords what have almost no competition at all and are super-easy to rank for! This is done by checking the top10 current competitors and from their data it's basicly the only valid/real way to tell the competition level for any keyword! Doing this manually with current available softs such as marketsamurai/traffic travis for 500keywords this same task would take you anywhere starting from 5-6hours!

    Those who are doing this manually already knows what I'm talking about, and will see value of this.

    To apply, send me via email [email protected]
    your keyword list of up to 500keywords and Include your bhw username.
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    I'm just wondering why people would do this. When you send them the list you get a good list of keywords you are most likely going to use yourself.
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