FREE J2-VDS for 1 Year Web Hosting Offer

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by resaleman, Mar 11, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone. I thought like this.

    * VDS Virtual Dedicated Server for 1 year.
    * Bandwidth limit 200,000 MB/month.
    * Dedicated IP address.
    * SSL Secure Server.
    * Fantastico-like installer.
    * POP3, SMTP Email.
    * MySQL databases.
    * Addon domains.
    * SSH access.
    * Awstats Statistics.
    * Cron jobs.
    * Custom error pages.
    * Email Forwarding, Webmail, Custom MX entry.
    * Password-protected files.
    * Helix streaming server.
    * requires a valid credit card to secure the freehosting offer - however you will not be billed unless you choose to keep the webhosting service after the free dedicated server hosting offer expires in 12 months (1-year trial).
    Signup Link:

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    And their service sucks balls.

    Don't put anything that HAS to be alive on one of their boxes. In my case it was my tracking software.

    Their bullshit server went down 3 times in 13 days for a combined total outage time of almost 18 hours.

    That cost me a lot more than just paying for hosting on a real box which I now do.

    On the upside, you can use it for lots of other interesting stuff like scraping and since it's free, who cares if it goes down occasionally... ;)
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    only free for 3 months, not one year!