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Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by liquidrage, Sep 28, 2010.

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    What's that???
    Hello fellow Black Hatters I know you have all heard the words FREE and WIN a million times as in "Click here to WIN an Ipod" or "Click here to WIN a PS3" Well this is for real. We have a new site and we are giving away FREE stuff.

    It's a new game for FB and twitter and anyone can play. However I know that BHW people have more friends and followers then the average Joe (giving you all an unfair advantage..but then again life's not fair) I honestly don't care at the moment.

    The site is called likebids go have fun and win all the auctions I honestly don't care how you do it.

    Yes by having you all play it will build a ton of traffic for the site but at least you are getting for real free sh!t and I'm being honest about my intentions.

    We might also launch a affiliate program for the site in the next few months. If we do you will all be welcome to join.

    BTW if there is anything you would like to see auctioned on the site that costs under a grand I'm open to buying them and giving them away.

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    hmm...could be interesting.