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    Hello Everyone,

    I wanted to share a little trick that I have used several times in the past. Now I am a newbie so if some or all of you have used this in the past then please forgive me. Just thought I would share.

    All of us are always looking for items that will assist us in our online endeavors whether they be White or Black. Sometimes, these items and/or software cost money which if any of you are like me that is in short supply! So, I had to figure out a way in which I could obtain software that I required or wanted at a discount. Of course, you can ask the individual selling it and/or click off the page in an effort to obtain a lower price, which of course is helpful but does not always work.

    One day while looking through my Click Bank account for products to promote I noticed several items in there that i had purchased at full price in the past unfortunately, well I am a newbie! As everyone is fully aware already if you promote these products as an affiliate you get a percentage of the sale once you make the sale. Then the light bulb came on! Why couldn't I use that fact to benefit little ole me! So, I found a product that I wanted to purchase, the item was $99 USD, I then made an affiliate link for myself and purchased the product through my affiliate link which resulted in receiving $45 USD from the sale.

    Now the amount you receive will vary from product to product of course and there may be some products that may not allow affiliates but in my limited experience that number is few and far between these days.

    Moral of the story if you choose to purchase a product become an affiliate of that product first and then purchase the item through your own affiliate link!

    I hope this assist some of you.
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    i made this before and its the best
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    I think there is a chance that clickbank will ban your account if they found out that you are using your own affiliate link to purchase generate sales. Goodluck with your method.
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    usually most affiliate programs will easily detect that behaviour, let you buy the stuff at full price but refuse to pay you the owed commission..

    *unless ofcourse, you buy the product through a proxy, using your sister-in-laws address in another country or city and her card/paypal, basically it should not be traced bak to the original affiliate