[FREE] Information on how to get highly targeted advert's for your CPA offers.

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    Before you read this, what is it you want to sell to your market? what is your CPA offer? What is the name of the company offering this CPA product? what is their website address? who are they!?!?

    Remember now, this is the company offering the CPA offer not the middle man network ringing you two together.

    So before you launch an advert campaign follow these simple steps and make your advert the most targeted advert you have ever created.

    Which country has the most people visiting your CPA offers website?

    There are a couple ways in which you could answer this, but why would you need to know this? The answer is simple, you want your potential prospects to be as targeted as possible. If 20% come from the United kingdom, 15% come from Australia, 20% from the united states and 45% from Canada surely your best bet is to target the Canadian market?

    Now, how do we find out where the traffic is coming from?

    Your first clue would be to check out the sites SEO, who are they targeting? Who do they want coming to their website? Which country are they targeting? If they where serious about making any money they would have all of their own basses covered! If not, they simply would not be worth promoting.

    If a website is targeting a certain keyword, use a keyword tool and find out which country provides the the most traffic, and what the advert competition is like.

    Once again I would like to stress the fact that any company serious enough to want to offer CPA offers to increase their profits will have already worked on their own SEO.

    They have done all of the work for you, copy them, do what they are doing.

    There is an easier way of finding out!

    Ever heard of http://www.alexa.com/ or http://www.quantcast.com ? They provide this kind of information for free it is called demographics. Granted allot of the information is estimated, but it is good information and tells you where to look, that coupled with all of the previous information will will give you an extremely targeted demographic of your potential prospects.

    What state / province do most of the visitors live in?

    This is a hard one to answer, but it can be done. Look in to the company running the CPA offer, what are they offering? Why are they offering it? Answer these questions and you will be getting closer you making a boat load of money.

    What is the main age group of people visiting your CPA offers website?

    Do you remember those two site I told you about? Well guess what they will provide you with the answer you are looking for but there is one problem, they are estimated age ranges but how can you break it down further? Lets say the age range is 18 to 24 years old. You would run 3 adverts targeting 18 ? 20, 21 ? 23 and 24 ? 25 age groups and see what the response is, send them to some random page because simple CTR analytic data will show you which age group is the best to target. Not only that it will not cost you much but once you know which age group is the most responsive you are that much closer to running an extremely targeted campaign.

    Which gender visits your CPA offers website the most?

    Firstly check http://www.alexa.com/ or http://www.quantcast.com if there is no clear winner run two test adverts, one for men and one for women ( word the adverts differently for each gender, because women and men read and understand differently, this might sound stupid but it it true)

    Are your visitors interested in men, women or both?

    Look at your CPA offer, what is it? Who would it appeal to more? Bisexual people, gay people or straight people. If it is not clear, yes you guessed it more testing.

    Do the visitors visiting your CPA offer have any qualifications or still in education?

    This can be great, because you can combine ?country ? United states, state ? California and university ? Stanford? fr a highly targeted student market.

    I hope this helps someone, it has helped me allot.