[FREE HOT SHARE] I will analyze the competition of your keyword using research tool + EMD

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    :D:DHi All.. :D:D

    Thanks For all of your great sharing stuff.
    :D:DIt's now my turn to share valuable ones (I Hope).

    As a title said, I will analyze the competition of your keyword using research tool for free + EMD. I dedicate this to them who still struggle with keyword research.

    How does this game work?

    1. Post here, your niche and your reason why i have to choose your niche (and if available your filtering search like Local, Global, CPC, Adword Competition (AC)). If you don't provide reason, I'll never see your post.
    2. I'll choose based on interesting niche. But if someone votes for the niche, I'll choose that niche.
    3. I'll Expand the given niche using Google keyword tool (GKT).
    4. I'll analyze the the result from GKT using Ultimate Niche Finder. (note : i have gotten permission from clyde, because i limit this just for 3kw per odd page)
    5. I'll share the csv result here using mediafire including Difficulty Score and Exact Match Domain (EMD) available for .com .net .org .info. (if i can upload this thing using dropbox, it'll be easier. Say to me if i can)
    6. Always look at the odd page if you want to know the results.

    I'll limit this thing just for 3 niche every odd page. So please vote the niche you like.
    Example, if someone posts the niche in page 1 and 2, I'll choose them in page 1 and 2 and I'll share the result in page 3. And so on.

    I will not answer your PM if you ask me to analyze your kw by sending me a pm. Never.
    I'm not providing vt scan as this sharing in csv format. I read the sharing stuff, that csv doesn't require vt scan.
    This sharing will always continue if you always keep posting your niche here. This will be discontinued if no ones post the niche here or I'm no longer available here (means banned, I hope i never be banned).
    If you feel this violating the tos of unf, please read that i've talked to clyde and gotten permission from him.
    For Mod, If this is wrong section, Please move it to the right section. I hope Whitehat SEO is the right place.

    As a starting point, here is the analyze result from GKT using Health niche with 638 keyword, CPC >$1, Local 1000-1500, AC medium.
    At this date There're tons of EMD availabe >>> 21 com, 134 net, 151 org, 381 info. So go get them.

    :D:DThanks and rep welcome.:D:D