Free Hosting - Legit - 1 or 2 domains

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    Jan 13, 2009
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    Legit offer because im like that..

    Here I have enough room for maybe 1 or 2 sites..

    Ive had this space for ages, i have used :

    2894.97/150000.00 MB [​IMG]

    so not much at all..

    Im offering someone to use my hosting basically to share it..

    The site cannot be todo with hacking my host bitches about it when i put up some scripts at times, but its there to be used..

    server stats:

    Hosting Package MiniRack
    Disk Usage 977.11/10000 MB

    Bandwidth 2894.97/150000.00 MB

    Subdomains 2/5

    Parked Domains 0/25

    Addon Domains 2/25

    MySQL 4/5

    MySQL Disk Space 25.82/9022.89 MB

    Email Accounts 5/5

    Email Forwarders 1/unlimited

    Auto-Responders 0/unlimited

    Email Filters 1/unlimited

    Mailing Lists 1/5

    obviously i host my sites there, so if your lucky please dont touch my sites anyway..

    I will pick out 2 people out of the replys and see which site is the better to host..

    Give me a thankyou . or give me + rep, cheers