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(Free hosting) KoolServe vs. 100gb.co OR: when to switch hosts.

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by elexvaasu, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. elexvaasu

    elexvaasu Junior Member

    Mar 31, 2010
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    My various web projects are divided between two free hosts: KoolServe and 100gb(.)co - both have been very pleasant to use, but both have pros and cons.

    KoolServe pros:
    1. Unlimited space, bandwidth, file size etc.
    2. Excellent forum with fast response time
    3. cPanel with full Softaculous installer

    KoolServe cons:
    1. The company that I believe owns KoolServe (UrHostz Solutions / RH Source Limited) operates similar hosts - OrangeServe, SquareServe and MonkeyServe to name a few - which begin life as an ad-free service and then decide to impose ads on the accounts later. I don't know if this will happen with KS, but not knowing is slightly unnerving.
    2. They are rather touchy about resources, and once you get your account terminated they will not restore it under any circumstances.
    3. They have had several instances of downtime in the last week or two, although that seems to be more or less past now.

    100gb(.)co pros:
    1. Incredibly fast!
    2. Friendly tech support / admin.
    3. Huge amount of space is provided.

    100gb(.)co cons:
    1. Having problems with their FTP server at the moment (look on their user forums under the username -

    - for a description of my problem if you are interested)
    2. Had a minor issue with error 500's being randomly thrown about. Filed a support ticket, and the issue was promptly fixed.
    3. The available version of Softaculous is limited.

    So my question is, how does one know when to switch hosts? KS is nice, mainly because of the amazing forums, but 100gb seems very nice too, and really fast. I'm not sure if maybe I should move all my projects to 100gb or keep them distributed about. I do have a decent presence on the KS forums. But the ad- and downtime-related worries that come with KS do irk me, and I don't really care about Softaculous, although it is useful (a version of Softaculous is included in 100gb's cPanel, but it's some kind of "lite" version which lacks a lot of important software).