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[Free] Getting Started In Internet Marketing? Here Is Your Free Guide & Free Toolkit

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by goodtimes, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. goodtimes

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    Jan 25, 2009
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    How to get started in internet marketing for free - your tool kit

    Hey everyone,

    I wanted to help out everyone who is still struggling on breaking into the internet marketing world and has no money to invest. That's how a lot of us started. And I have to say all of my success has been due to BHW. Granted I am still not making a full time living at it but I have learned enough that it is only a matter of time.

    This guide will not cover anything too technical like building and hosting your own website. What it will do is give you the basic steps to get started without any financial investment. You will still have to put the time in to learn, do research and build websites but you will have a decent tool kit to make it as easy as possible.


    It is very important that you understand the entire process before trying to apply it.

    Once you have read it once or twice or a few times, then go out and follow it step by step.

    Learn AND understand each step. If you learn and understand each step in here, you will have an understanding of internet marketing that took me over 6 months to learn.

    The first thing you need is the right mindset. You have to realize that internet marketing is not easy and you will have to invest time and effort into learning and applying. But you also have to realize that it is well worth the effort. There is a direct correlation between the work you put in and the rewards you reap.

    The second thing you need to do is to treat internet marketing like a business. It is not a hobby that you just spend time and money on for fun. This is a business that has real profits and losses. It is an investment in your financial future.

    The third thing: HAVE FUN! This forum has tens of thousands of members for a reason. Enjoy learning. Enjoy understanding. And most importantly: enjoy applying it.

    That said, we are going to cover some of the basics and also learn about lots of free tools to make things a lot easier.

    Before we get into the details, you should know that BHW has a wealth of information at your fingertips. But don't just spend all day reading; take part in the discussion. Think of this as a community because it is a great one. But before you start a new thread, be sure to do a search of the forum to see if your question has already been answered. Many times you can find that answer you are looking for simply by doing a quick search.

    Lets get started...

    The first thing is keywords. This is where it all starts. Do your research up front. Keywords are the foundation of your business.

    Like it or not Google is the 700 lb guerrilla of the internet. Take advantage of the information they make available.

    Start off your keyword research with their free keyword tool. You can find it here:


    When you are researching keywords think about what people are searching for. Since you are running an internet business, you are going to have to get paid. This means that you want to target people that are ready to spend money.

    If someone is searching for "funny videos" it is going to be a lot harder to make money from them than someone searching for "50 inch plasma HDTV reviews".

    Think about what a person is looking for when they search the internet for something. If you know your audience and you know how to target them, they will find you. Put yourself in their shoes. What would you be searching for?

    Your job is to answer that question and give them a solution.

    Once you have list of keywords, narrow it down (search BHW and Google to find out more details on what makes a good keyword). Once you have it down to 10 or so, pick one that you think will be the best target keyword. Make sure you are picking this target keyword based on how many searches it gets, competition, etc.

    If you need some ideas on what to sell, what keywords to target, what people are looking for or just need a place to start some idea generation, check out these websites:

    Clickbank Products - target products that have a gravity greater than 30 (more on Clickbank later):


    Popular items on ebay:


    Popular items on amazon:


    The hottest current searches on Google (be selective here as not all of these can be monetized easily):


    What is popular on Yahoo (the same applies here as with Google hot trends):


    Use DMOZ to find target niches that you think you can monetize:


    As you do your research, you will be compiling a lot of data that needs to be edited and cleaned up. Here are some free tools to help you in the process:

    This is a notepad on steroids:


    Here is one of my favorite tools, I use it about everyday for keyword list editing:


    Spreadsheets are your friend. If you don't have MS Office, you can get an open source version that is MS compatible here:


    As you browse the internet you will also find a lot of sites that require an email address for you to sign up before they give you any good information. Here are some disposable email address services you can use if you do not want to give them your personal email. Keep in mind that these do not require a password and anyone can access the email address you create.




    Now that we have our target audience and have our keyword list ready to go, we need to find something to sell. The best way to do this is by selling products as an affiliate. With affiliate marketing, you do not actually own any products, you simply promote them and get a cut of the sales price. Here are some places where you can sign up to be an affiliate (all of these sites are free to join):

    Clickbank is by the far the biggest. They sell only information products and software that are downloadable. A lot of people get started here:


    PayDotCome is another big player is this arena:


    Amazon also has an affiliate program with products you can promote:


    Another site worth checking out is Commission Junction. You do not necessarily promote products so much as generate leads for their advertisers. Depending on what you are promoting, you may also get paid on actual sales:


    This is where we start to get into the details.

    Before we build a website, we need some actual content to put on it. The best thing to do is to write a few original articles about it. Yes this does involve writing skills but we are going to do this the easy way.

    First we need an article that we can rewrite. Head on over to one of these websites and grab one that matches your keywords:




    Try to find articles that your target audience would be interested in reading.

    Once you have an article picked out, we need some software that will help us rewrite it. Our goal is to rewrite the article with fresh sentences, paragraphs and wording but we are going to use the original as a guide.

    Go here and pick up a copy of dupefree pro:


    Once you have it installed, copy the original article into the article 1 section. Rewrite the article in the article 2 section. Once you have rewritten it, use the software to compare them and rewrite your article as needed.

    If you need some help in the rewriting process, grab a copy of wordflood. It will help you replace a lot of words with synonyms.


    Now that we have an article, go back and rewrite a couple more. The more content we have the better. Start off with at least 3.

    Once you have your articles done, check them using this website:


    This site will check your articles against Google's and Yahoo's indexes and tell you how original your articles are. It works by searching for phrases in the search engines. The fewer phrases it finds, the more original your articles are and, therefore, the better they are.

    Once you have your articles done, it is time to find some relevant images. We are going to use free stock photos. This is a great site to get them from:


    Find images that relate to your article. For example, if you are writing about dog training, then find images of dogs.

    Now that we know we have products to sell to our target audience and some content it is time to build a website. Luckily there are lots of places you can do this for free. But simply building a website is not good enough. There are a lot of people out there trying to make an income online so we are going to make sure that we are competitive.

    In order for your website to be competitive and come up in the search engine results where people will see it, you need to have not only one website, but an entire network.

    We are going to cover a basic model of this but keep in mind that this is only the beginning. You can also take this model and tinker with it to see what works for you. This is only a starting point.

    First what we are going to do is go over to Squidoo and build a lens (a lens is what they call websites):


    You will have to play around with it to figure out how it works. Look at some of their popular lenses and you should get an idea of how to set yours up. Once you understand how the site works, post one of your articles on it along with some images and some other modules (rss feeds are good as they update with fresh content automatically but don't overdo it). Save the other 2 articles you have.

    Why are we saving these articles? Because Google loves pages that are updated regularly with fresh content. Use these articles to add to your Squidoo lens (website) later. Once you have the site built with an article, some images and other modules, wait a few days or a week and add your second article. Then add your third one a few days later. The idea is to make it look like the site is being built over time. That way every time Google comes back to your site, it will notice new content and will know that it needs to come back later to look for more.

    Once you have your site built, you will need to write more articles for the other sites you are going to build. But now we are going to create them in mass.

    We are going to make 1 article into many articles.

    How are we going to do this?

    Simple - by spinning the content. Spinning is a technique that utilizes software to rewrite an article. We are going to create what is called a seed article. A seed article is what the software uses to create different version of that article from.

    Here is an example of what a sentence looks like in a seed article:

    The {quick|fast} brown fox jumps {over|above|around} the lazy dog.

    The software will pick out only one word that is enclosed in the curly brackets and leave the rest of the text intact. So for this sentence, you will get variations like this:

    The fast brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

    The fast brown fox jumps around the lazy dog.

    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

    You are going to need to rewrite your article using this style. Here is a website that will help you out and will generate copies of your article for you:


    Once you have the seed article done and several copies generated, we are going to post one version of the article to a few of these websites:












    These are all similar sites to Squidoo but also slightly different in the way you set things up. Once you have 4 or 5 new websites, you will want to link them all back to your original Squidoo lens. Make sure you use anchor text in the html link. You can read more about anchor text and how to link the sites here:


    Here is a guide on html code so you know how to properly format the link:


    What you will end up with is 4 or 5 sites that all point back towards your main squidoo lens. This will make it look important in the eyes of Google.

    Now that we have a network of sites, it is time to work on converting visitors to our Squidoo lens into paying customers. You will need to write a review of the product you are selling and make it the focus of your lens. Put it above the articles so that your visitor sees it first.

    Here are some websites where you can learn about how to write a review article:



    Once you have a review article, you will want to add your affiliate link to the end. You can get your affiliate link from the affiliate sites we talked about earlier (Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction or PayDotCom).

    Now that we have our sales page setup and our website network complete, it is time to add some backlinks. Backlinks help show Google that our website is important and help increase our search rankings.

    One of the ways to do this is to submit our site to social bookmarking networks. Here is an article about what social bookmarking is:


    We need to create accounts with each of the sites and submit it to them. But we are going to automate this process as much as possible using a service called Onlywire. You can find it here:


    Onlywire supports 30 or so bookmarking services. You will need to sign up for an account at each one.

    Here are the services onlywire supports:


    Once you have all your accounts setup with the various bookmarking sites, simply add them to your onlywire account. It is a good idea to bookmark pages that are not yours so that it looks more natural. Find stories on foxnews or mashable or other news services and bookmark them through onlywire. This will help in your account not getting banned by the bookmarking sites.

    After you have bookmarked your pages, we are going to get more backlinks by submitting the RSS feeds from the sites. Here is an article about RSS if you are new to it:


    Once you get your RSS feeds from your Squidoo lens and other sites, submit them to these websites:




    Search around BHW for more.

    After all of this, you will want to continue to maintain your website network, but especially your Squidoo Lens because that is where you make the money.

    And that is the basic process of internet marketing. There is much more to learn but this should give you an idea of what is involved. This should also give you all of the necessary tools to get started.

    Take your time to learn about each step involved. Learn what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    And the most important part is to get creative. Try to build your own methods. Google is getting smarter everyday and you need to be able to stay on top of it.

    A good way to do that is to read the latest news on mashable.com and also check up on BHW. They both cover a lot of what is emerging around the internet.

    I am not going to explain these but here are some other free resources you can use as you build your own internet marketing empire.

    Free website hosting:



    Free domain names:


    Backlink Checkers:




    Free software:



    iMacros for Firefox - this is an add-on for Firefox that will allow you to automate much of the work you do online. It works within your Firefox browser and performs actions you have assigned to it.


    Free content management systems (CMS) for building your websites (wordpress is the most popular and easiest to learn):




    CCleaner - this is a quick way to erase internet history, cookies, etc. It also clears your Recycle Bin among other things.


    Filezilla - The best FTP program out there


    Web browsers (because Internet Explorer sucks)



    Closing thoughts:

    Learn all you can but make action your primary goal. You don't make any money or any progress without action.
    Plan. Acton is most important but having a plan of action is MUCH more important. Spend a few minutes figuring out what you are going to do before you get online. Ask yourself "What am I going to accomplish today? What is my purpose right now?"
    Get creative. Be the best. If you aren't the best yet, figure out how to do it.
    Network. Get to know other people in the internet marketing industry, even if it is only through BHW or through chatting. Use them as a mentor.
    BHW is a great place. Learn everything you can here. It is free and has just about everything you need.
    Give back. Once you have started to earn, help others that are struggling to get to where you are.

    I hope you all have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This is only a rough guide and you need to build your own foundation. Hopefully this helps to get you well on your way.
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