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    Thanks to the info shared on this forum I have managed to get my audio mastering website ( up and running.

    I thought it was only right to give something back.
    For a limited time I'm offering free audio mastering to all.

    If you are unaware of what mastering actually is visit the link above for an explanation.

    To take advantage of this offer please follow these steps.
    1. Upload your track (WAV files only please) to
    2. Enter Your email address & [email protected] as friends
    3. Enter BHW and your BHW username in the message section

    NOTE: 1 Track per person!
    If you are impressed by the quality of my service and wish to send multiple tracks or a full album for mastering I have set up a hidden page which gives BHW members an additional 15% discount.

    I am aware that there are very few people interested in this area here
    Finally I would also be greatful of any feedback reguarding my website or marketing ideas etc.