Free For a Review - 1x Facebook Agency Ads Account

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Apr 7, 2016
The Mods will choose the winner.

DO YOU NEED incredibly strong agency advertising accounts that can run blackhat offers?
In this free for review, we will be giving out 1 Facebook Agency Ads account with a little funds for testing.

Are these actually agency accounts? -
Yes these are created with our Agency that is partnered with Google/META/TikTok and more. We have direct access to some of the strongest ad accounts (Super fast ad approval rates, same day approval) with high spending power.

Can I run blackhat/greyhat offers on these agency accounts? - YES, we cater to this market specifically, we are looking for high volume blackhat advertisers who need to spend big and need strong agency ad accounts.

What makes these accounts strong? - Our advertisers spend millions per year on these platforms with our agency, we have direct connection with each platforms, allowing us to have high quality agency ad accounts for you.

What niches work with these agency accounts? - We see great success with casino, crypto, ecommerce, nutra and affiliate marketing niches but all niches work!

Who are these accounts for? - If you are looking to spend on ad platforms but have been getting stuck in the past, these accounts will spend your money fast with quick ad approval time (usually under a few hours to get ad approved).

Leave a comment below and the mods will choose the winner for the Facebook Agency Account!

Thank you BHW.
Hi interested to test this with blackhat movie site :)

Will leave in detail review and hopefully continue with the service if it brings good targeted traffic.

Thank you :)
Not open for further replies.
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