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Free Flippa Due due diligence tip and service

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by Bestcreaters, Nov 20, 2015.

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    i will just get straight to the point i have been ripped a couple of time on flippa (i learn things the hard way) after loosing a lot i became very good at detecting fake auctions. although they have improve there service and are constantly trying to monitor auctions and are always getting rid of of the suspicious auctions, a lot of sellers have move on to a whole new level of scamming by buying fake traffics, using premium auction, to make there fake listning stand out and even renting adsense account to manipulate buyers, i have been browsing over there for a long time and can say 60% of sales are scams over there this thread is to help newbies with a free Due due diligence service ,(if your still not sure whether an auction is a scam after reading this thread i can help check if the auction your intrested in is a scam or not just pm me a link to the auction and i will do a proper due diligence you its for free, to get things started this are the things to look out for in an auction, the most things you should always have in mind is if it is too good to be true there is a high chance you are right. but there are also genuine sites over there and are mostly easy to spot out. below are some important things to look out for in an auction


    the status of a seller on flippa is very important if a new seller is trying to sell a website and has no feed this should be a concern but not a big risk as some are just trying to sell a single site and move on but the the first thing you will want to do is search for the user name of the seller on google and see what pops up its very likely he has registered the same username somewhere else and his activity on other sites,forums and what have you should tell you about his online personality

    sellers with linked account always rise my trust flag, if a seller has a selling history and yet is linked to other account on his profile it should concern you even if those account are not suspended or banned because flippa has invested a lot of $ in developing softwares that track users identity and most of the time this account belong to the seller, a lot of sellers who are linked will claim the basic story of (my friend log in to my account from my pc and that was how i got linked ,just dont buy it check the other account selling history and what site they have sold use whois.net to check the domain info and see if there is other domain selling the same product or services you should probably ask your self why will a genuine seller have multiple accounts?, unless he is hiding some thing or using those account to shill bid which is another topic i will talk about, a common example of account that scam the heck out of new users is https://flippa.com/users/576684 as u can see this user is linked to 3 other account and has got 3 of his account banned and used most of them to bid on his listings to get more attention he has been reported but flippa only suspended him after he sold a lot of sites


    perhaps the biggest things people neglect when buying a site is to look at the previous listning a user has before purchasing a site from him some sellers will have the same site over and over again some sellers will sell a site without even changing the design, yet people still tend to fall for it. in my suggestion if a seller has sold the same site before in the same niche and having the same design just stay away from this seller a common example is https://flippa.com/users/820718 if you look closely this seller has sold a single template video site multiple times and got away with it before finally being reported and suspended


    honestly why are you trying to buy an established site?tell me your like most people which i know u are, 80% of the time is because it is making money! and the second thing is it has good and stable traffic shouldn't you focus more of your time on investigating on this? dont be deceived by screenshots my first tip on confirming if a sellers revenue claims are real is to request to view the revenue via team viewer, for tutorial on this visit
    sometimes a sellers respond to this should let you know if the claims are genuine, if he is avoiding this it means something is fishy even if you dont intend to check via team viewer ask the seller if he would allow it to see his response, any genunine seller who knows his claims are reall will not find it dfficult to say know some sellers might say no due to security reasons at this point you can request a video walk through and there is tutorial on how to record the the pc and mac screen here.



    this part is where buyers fall for a site because it has a lot of bids even though flippa system detect users multiple account some sellers will g to the extreme end in creating a new account and biding on there listing to get more exposure

    duplicate content
    copyscape.com is your best bet in knowing if the site content is being derived from another website or clones of the site exist
    google page rank
    this use to be an important factor but not anymore sellers can create fake gogle pagerank and you can easily know the truth by using
    http://checkpagerank.net/ or

    check alexa and use common sense

    i will just get straight to the point on this, suspicious sellers love to inflate their traffic numbers. always keep this in mind, If an auction claims to get a lot of traffic per month, but somehow manage to have an Alexa ranking of over 1 million and not to mention the page rank is Zero just scroll your mouse and walk way. this is not for you, if a site receives a lot of traffic its alexa ranking will be less for example a site that receives 10k visitors every month can't have an alexa of 2 mill instead its alexa will be some where between 200k - 300k.

    i hope this trade help a lot of buyers non of the links in this thrade are associated with me in any way and my english :) i know!
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