Free Fille Sharing Hosting For 30 Years (4 days to go)

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    File Savr File Hosting Gold Plan Cost $10 Per Month NOW FREE for 30 Years!

    Posted: 11 Sep 2008 02:00 AM CDT

    Many of you are already know about file hosting websites such as RapidShare, Megaupload, MediaFire and etc but here?s another one which you might not aware of. File Savr is unlike any of the file hosting websites because they do not reel the user in and make them wait for annoying countdown timers and do not hide the download link with aggressively placed ads. Their goal is simple, to offer the most basic file hosting and image hosting service so you can share your stuff quickly.


    FREE File Savr File Hosting Gold Plan

    File Savr file hosting service is actually free of charge. You can upload files and share the links to people but if you need a special space to store and manage your file sharing permission, you?ll need a paid account. Their paid plan starts from 99cents per month where you?ll get 5GB space, $5 per month for 50GB (Silver Plan) and finally $10 per month for 250GB (Gold Plan).

    Here is how to get the most expensive File Savr Gold Plan that cost $10 per month FREE for 30 years! Get your free File Savr Gold plan NOW because this offer expires in 4 days time!

    FileSavr?s goal is to simplify the process of file hosting. They claim to provide the fastest and easiest file hosting service as an alternative to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike the other sites, they do not force users to sign up for paid accounts to download files, they do not show long countdown timers, pop up ads, or any other spam related activities.

    We all know how annoying it is to not be able to easily share files to other people, so they are doing this to offer the most basic file hosting service so you can share your stuff quickly. File Savr?s website did mentioned that the uploaded files are kept FOREVER as long as they are being downloaded. I?ve emailed them to ask for a specific expiry date to download before it is expired and will update this page once I have the answer. The best part is it has a whooping 10GB upload size limit! Although I don?t think I?ll ever upload any file that big but it could be useful for corporate companies with really fast internet line.

    To get your free FileSavr Gold Plan, visit the link at the end of this article, enter a username, password, email address and click the Create Free Account button. You can immediately login to your File Savr Gold account without any email verification.


    This File Savr Gold Plan deal is actually offered to bloggers as well as members of Digg, Stumble, Reddit, Mixx, Delicious users as a thank you to the community. If you?re not a blogger, you can be a member of any social bookmarking sites above although it is not a must to get a free FileSavr Gold Plan.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Again I?d like to inform you that this offer expires on September 15th. Accounts created before September 15th will have lifetime membership for free. Although it mentioned lifetime membership, but it shows that the account is paid until Jan 18th, 2038. I don?t really care about that so much because in 30 years time, I think I?ll be too old to upload files :p

    File Savr service is very slow right now due to extreme demand. Maybe after the deal is over, the speed will start to pick up again.

    [ Sign Up FileSavr Gold Plan for Free ]

    Got this today. I figure it might come in useful to some members. I cannot offer any feedback on the service. Never used them before. But hey it is free what is there to lose.
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    Looks great, very easy to sign up. Will start using it soon.

    Looks like you get 250 Gb of storage.

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    30 years, how can anyone guarantee that?
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    wow. this could be very worthwhile. I dont upload too much (occasionally), but i assume the account i just got will = free downloads, right?

    is there a way to browse files?
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    Thanks you! That was fast and painless.
    To celebrate, get yourself some mp3's you
    can use as intros or exits on your salespages.
    Personally, I think they're OK at best.
    (I tweaked my own to suit me. These are the original files, though)

    Get 'em here-


    (Y'all know what to change, right?
    x=t 3=ww and take out the***)
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    I gave it a go...250Gb...2038 expiration...we shall see.

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    i wonder how long this free file storage last
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    I have used file savr before, and its not bad. I would assume that the file would be hosted for 6 months or so before termination, if it isnt paid for. Its really all about the user interface that you like when it comes to file hosting sites. Most of the time as long as it is a decent site there should be enough file storage and upload size for free for the average user. I actually own a free file hosting site The first 50 signs up for a free membership and contacts the admin with the code blackhatworld, will get upgraded to a premium membership. I hope this doesnt get viewed as spam, It really isnt meant to be. I honestly like rapid share a lot, but the prices are pretty expensive. Another good one is Anyway just thought that might help.