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[Free] Expired Domain Giveaway for Potential Private Network

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by FutureProofSeo, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. FutureProofSeo

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    Jul 3, 2013
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    Private Network Domains

    I have spent today looking for potential expired domains with old, stable backlinks that aren't going anywhere.

    I have enough to get started with so figured, instead of dumping the ones I don't want, I thought I'd share them on here for you guys.

    Remember the things to look out for when checking domains:

    Points that make a good expired domain are:

    1. Backlinks that have been there for a while (theory is they should be there for a little while longer ;) )
    2. Not many drops from the regisrar, but put it into context. If a domain has been dropped 4 times then that is normally bad, but if it has been indexed for over 10 years then that isn't such a big deal.
    3. Use web archive to check the page history, you can recreate content, and see if it has been used for porn/gambling/health sites (these normally have been fucked up so wouldn't touch these with a barge pole).
    4. Using the both link checkers (majesic and ose) to check the power of the site, DA, PA, Citation flow etc, and check the links are still live. Using majestic is useful so you can see the history of the links. If a site has a normal link profile, then suddenly spikes with 10k links, normally = churn and burn, or an seo's experiment. However, lots of backlinks doesn't always = spam, if the site used to have over 7k indexed urls, then having 10k backlinks isn't out of the ordinary!

    Now without further a do, here is the list, all available as of 1.30pm GMT today, you can register for your standard fee, or use a coupon :p

    Some stats are a little low, but much easier to use than starting with fresh domains, and great for creating a Private Network for less than bidding for overpriced high PR domains!

    ziggyray.com da=5 pa=20 (da very low)

    www.bensgtusmc.com da=14 pa=28 (main links from high OBL domains)

    djb3jddmjckow30cnjcmd61l0dy.com da=29 pa=41 (someones churn and burn project - maybe useful for a redirect?)

    www.dmdarlington.com da=10 pa=16 /blog pa=22 (not enough links)

    www.dumbthingspeoplesay.com da=7 pa=18

    www.homeschoolbistro.com da=5 pa=21

    www.indygrrrl.com/ da=18 pa=30 (it was a maybe, but I think it was picked up by a churn and burn in April, used and thrown out, may still be good but I am not risking it).

    www.momandtotdeals.com da=5 pa=19

    www.jazzfusion-santana-1973-mclaughlin.com da=16 pa=30

    www.obsereveabsurd.com da=3 pa=19 - not good enough.

    www.polo-online-outlet.com da=14 pa=21 - someone has churned and burned. Maybe 301?

    www.srslyawesomestuff.com da=9 pa=19

    www.yourouterpurpose.com da=12 pa=26

    www.arkedmin.org da=12 pa=27

    edwinberry.net da=6 pa=22

    www.mynonsense.net da=6 pa=19 (not a strong link profile)

    www.nostempore.net da=9 pa=23

    www.raymondrides.org da=4 pa=19

    www.stirringuptrouble.tv da=13 pa=26 (couldn't detect many links though...)

    www.womanremodeled.com da=9 pa=18

    www.zori3.org da=9 pa=20

    Have fun with it ;)