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    A while ago I've posted this announcement about my tweet exchange service. It started out good - people were signing up, sharing tweets, following, etc, but the name (29.lv) eventually killed me. The bottom line was that a lot of regular Twitter users considered it a spam site, much like one of those "have you seen this video of you" type of scams. Something had to be done, so I've rebranded it under Social Acorn and now it seems like we're back in business. Recently we've also significantly improved general functionality, so here's a short list of what Social Acorn can do for you:
    1. Direct do-follow links to your site. When you create a tweet campaign with a link - you get a do-follow link from the main page.
    2. Sign up and referral bonuses. This is so you wouldn't have to worry about your campaign running out of seeds. If you still need more, but don't want to buy - there's a fun way to get some.
    3. Free tweets and retweets of your tweets. This is still the main focus of the service. Get your links indexed or just spread your messages via organic Twitter users. Be creative.
    4. Free followers. Yes, you can also get those. Our system works much like Twiends, only with us you can specify other users to follow (not just your own account).
    5. Twitter Slots. Just a fun way to get more seeds.

    Questions or comments - let me know ;) Also, don't forget to check my "FREE TWEET" thread.
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    Sounds quite interesting to try out.
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