Free entry competition to win $1000 cash and $500 voucher

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    Jun 18, 2010
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    It's that  	time of year again, and one of my favorite contest we run on PAL.  It's  	time for the annual [URL=""]PAL NFL Survivor Pool[/URL].   	It's simple to enter and simple to play, even if you're not a huge NFL fan.   	It's also FREE to enter, and you have the chance to win $1000 cash this year  	courtesy of the affiliate team at  I'm also  	going to throw in a $500 gift certificate to
     	Survivor Pools  	are awesome.  All you need to do is pick a team each week that will win  	(no spread or anything).  If your team wins, you move on to the next  	week.  You can only use each team once in the season however.  It  	gets very exciting and challenging if you can survive into the top 20.   	Keep that in mind when making your first few weeks picks.  You'll want  	to save some solid teams for the home stretch.

    Here are the  	details to join:
     	League ID:   	7773
     	Password: sportsbook2010
    I have got this mail from owner of poker network. Maybe somebody will use this to win $1000 bucks and $500 voucher ^^

    Enjoy! And have a nice play!