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free email template to promote your Business or website

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by davidemarkxy, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. davidemarkxy

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    Jan 4, 2017
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    this's a free email template that you can use to promote your product/Business or website

    Subject: Modern Website For <BUSINESS NAME> OR <NICHE>

    Example: Modern Website For Your Burger Restaurant
    Example: Modern Website For Chillino´s Burgertime

    Message Body:

    Dear <Business Owner Name>,

    I'll keep this brief, as I guess you're a busy business owner, and don't have tons of time. Don't close this email, it's personally written, not a mass spam response.

    My name is <YOUR NAME>, I live and own a business in <City Name> called <Your Business Name>. I found your business online and I saw that you <do not have a website yet for your business> OR <have already a website but (please do not get angry) your website is really out-of-date>.
    Well I am in this industry for years now and I can tell you that 98% of people looking for different businesses online. A business website is a must have nowadays.

    I finished creating a brand new, modern and unique website a few days ago because a client from <City Name> called me and wanted a new website for his business. He is in exact the same industry as you are.
    After I was done with my work, my client contacted me and told me that he is not able to open his <BUSINESS NAME>. I am not someone that charge people for something that they do not need. So now I am sitting on this awesome website and cannot use it.

    The reason why I contacted you is, because I thought you may be interested in getting this unique website for your business? Of course I would not charge exact the same money as I charged my previous client.
    Before I start telling you about all the features I would like to give you a look on what the website looks like so that you can this's a free email template that you can use to promote your product/Business or website

    imagine of what I am talking. Please see here: <URL TO WEBSITE>

    So what are you saying? Pretty cool huh? Let me tell you a little bit more about the website:

    - Unique and modern Webdesign --> This website uses all the modern standards of 2015!
    - Responsive Webdesign --> The design was coded for all different screen sizes and fits also for smartphone and tablets. Try it out.
    - Website has an administration panel so that you as an Admin can administrate the whole website easily.
    - Search Engine Optimized --> This website is already optimized for Google so that you will rank better from the beginning
    - <FEATURE 5>
    - <FEATURE 6>
    - <FEATURE 7>
    - <FEATURE 8>

    I want to be honest with you....I agreed with the <BUSINESS> in >CITY NAME> a total amount of $2600 for the complete website. I am not going to charge you the same because this offer should be a Win-Win Situation. I will help you with a modern website and you will help me if you buy the website. I will sell the complete website for $1500.
    As a bonus I would to the following things for you:

    - Change all images with your images
    - Change the logo with your logo
    - Add all your text that you would like to have on your website
    - Install everything on your hosting account, if you do not have one yet, I will get you one.

    This e-mail is an one-time offer!
    It’s important to mention I will be emailing some others in your industry, so the quicker you can back to me, the better, since only one person can get this awesome website from us.

    Thanks for your time, and either way, let's chat a bit. I could really help you out.

    Look forward to your reply,

    <Your Name>

    <Owner – Your Business Name>

    <Your Website URL>

    <Your Phone Number>


    Email back at <Your Email Address Here>

    in addition to this, if you want more information, visit