Free Email Autoresponder and Noob Method to Cashing in

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    Just again wanting to give something back. I was a newb/noob not to long ago... I still consider myself one.

    Money's tight and you got dreams, right!

    If you look on this forum there are some great methods to run SOLO ads to offers and gain subscribers and then use your affiliate links to drive sales to a click back offer/sale and or other affiliate site.

    You can type in google. Zoho and then scroll to the campaigns. It is under products. If you sign up you can have up to 500 subscibers per account under their free plan. It is limited but you can send plenty of emails and use until you have made some money. Totally White hat though.

    Here is the concept. I am not going to rehash every detail as there are a 100 post or more that will be more helpful but here is the concept for you.Here is One

    Make sure you search for these tactics and/or find the right places to find them.

    Look up offer in Click Bank. Find the niche with gravity. Set up your new Zoho acct and build a landing strip/page in that like your would aweber or any other management system. Look for the Right Solo Ad provider and buy an ad - lowest one to test. Give them your swipe or let them write it depending on the ad. Build up your subscribers and send them links with swipe to your click bank offers in their niche. You could have as many free zoho accts as you need until you bank roll an "operation."

    Then you want to make a move to a cheaper and more robust system like the New Go Daddy business email system. 25 bucks and I have 18k subscribers in one niche. I can create custom "accounts" under my one "user account" and house different niches. It just charges per subscribed emails.

    Happy Hunting! and I hope this brings in a couple of hundred a week for you. It really should and would cost you less than 100 bucks to get really going on the whole thing - price of ads.

    Remember that this is WHITE HAT only otherwise you will lose your account and get banned by these services. You have to make sure and send some useful emails along with your affiliate ones. You can find the exact way to run the email and marketing campaigns on many or any of the useful articles posted in here.

    Cheers and happy hunting!:cool:
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