Free dropshipping in Wholesale...Shoes, clothes, computer parts, mobile phones.. Ask me

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    I have been dealing with wholesalers for more than a year now, I used to sell on ebay. I can ship

    many products to any country at wholesale prices.

    You have to tell me the product or brand you need, and then I will tell you its price and minimum

    quantity and shipping price. most of my manufacturers send free shipping products.

    When you accept the price, payment will be via Paypal or western union or Moneygram for the non-

    supported paypal countries.

    Mobile phones: Chinese mobile phones

    Computer parts: webcams, keyboards, Mice, flash drives

    Cloths: T-shirts, pants, swimsuits,,etc.

    Watches: I have some brands

    N.B Any brand I have is fake, I didn't deal with the real ones coz they were expensive for me and

    after all fake and real look mostly the same