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Mar 30, 2008
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As all of you know today is Harro's birthday
So I planned to celebrate it here
I got small gift for all the bhw members

I am offering Free Directory Submissions for 1 day
I will be submitting your site to 50 PR2 - PR6 Directories for free

Offer is only for 1 day
All sites are welcome except adult and gambling sites
Autoblogs are allowed

I just need the following details from you for submission
Site url
Site Title ( your main keyword)
Site Description
Name ( can be fake)
Email id to be used for submissions
Categories ( please provide 2 - 3 relevant categories for your site)

Only 1 site per member
Offer only for today

Wish Harro and post/pm me the required details
Hey Pawan,

Tomorrow is my Birthday!

The next day is my dog's birthday!

The next after the next is my cat's birthday!

How about us celebrating this whole week & the next with your free offer? :D

I've already wished Harro a lovely birthday... I'm in queue at #89 so don't go away 'til we meet!

j/k :)

Anyway, you're doing a great job!
thanks pavan, going to pm you soon ;)

happy birthday to Harro..
Just sent my details to Pavan and he's so quick. Thanks for this free service. And oh btw... Happy Birthday Harro!:prof01:
Thanks Pavan for the offer

And Happy Birthday to HaRRo
:chef2: :chef2: :chef2: :chef2: :chef2: :chef2:
Happy Birthday Harro!

Pm'd you the details too!
Pavan - you are a good man!

Harro, I thought you looked older today... Happy Birthday.
Pavan - Just sent you a pm - hope you got it ok as it went a bit strange when I hit the send button.

Thanks for the offer :D
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