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    For those interested in earning affiliate income I have a an opportunity for you. I have built a platform that enables anyone to launch an affiliate website in minutes. The niche is online surveys. The site targets people who are looking to make money online in several countries. There are over 30 survey panels listed on the site and each one pays per free sign up. All content on the site is customizable from within the platform including the layout and color scheme. New campaigns are added and removed automatically as they open and close. There are also areas for Adsense Ads. You can edit and customize the site to target your own keywords/phrases or leave it as it and get straight to marketing.

    To get started you only need a domain name. Once you point it to my server you can log in and start marketing and making money immediately. I'm giving 30 days hosting on the platform for free. After 30 days it will cost $5.00 a month or $50/yr to keep the domain on the platform. And that fee can be deducted directly from your earnings so that you never actually have to pay anything out of pocket. At anytime you decide to move your site off of the platform you can.

    PM if interested and I will answer your questions and give links to sites on the platform.