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    I've just spinned some content in cooking niche,I want to give it to someone who needs it... First reply - Get all the recipes (via PM) (Don't reply if you don't need this,maybe someone has cooking site) :)

    Spin - 100% unique,not even one plagiarism checker will detect anything

    Here's the articles I've spinned (with main keywords) :

    1. How to Make Donuts
    2. Baked Donuts
    3. Cake Donuts Recipe
    4. Chocolate Cake Donuts
    5. Diabetic Baked Donuts
    6. Dunkin Donuts
    7. Easy Donuts Recipe
    8. Homemade Donuts
    9. Homemade Top Pot Donuts
    10. Plain Donut Ideas
    11. Potato Donuts
    12. Top Pot Donuts
    13. Yeast Risen Donuts

    Reply if you need cooking content : )))
    I will spin some more later
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