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    One of the safest way to weather Google updates is by having a manual linkbuilding strategy that fits Google's view of how the web should work. Basically, things like adding value to another site with a valuable comment is an activity that deserves a link, with relevant anchor text, to another site that provides a positive user experience.

    Commentluv-enabled blogs are one of the best places to do this kind of linkbuilding. They're usually do-follow links, and the blogs are usually hard to spam and get lots of attention from humans, that is active posting and active comment moderation. A link from a good commentluv-enabled blog can easily be worth thousands of autoapprove and bookmark backlinks, even for difficult keywords you can get amazing results.

    I wrote a blog scanner and scraper to find active, commentluv-enabled sites (simple footprint checks don't work too well anymore, they find versions of commentluv that haven't been updated recently). I found many more than I can use myself so I decided to share some here.

    Some tips for success with manually commenting:

    • HAVE A GRAVATAR! A good Gravatar (with a real picture) is likely to help get your comment approved. A generated or unknown avatar is likely to be deleted.
    • Comment on the blog content. A comment like "thank you" or "I like your site" is not likely to be approved, and might even get a spam report. Something that contributes to an existing comment conversation or that is relevant to the blog post (facts or opinion) is likely to get approved.
    • Grammar, usage, and comment length are important. Make sure your comment is well-written and longer is usually better - if comment isn't at least 10% the wordcount of the post, you're probably not contributing much.
    • Look for posts and blogs with recently approved comments
    • Browse the blog for popular posts and tags and categories you're interested in, or are relevant to your blog. A good commenting relationship with a blog means a source of future backlinks.
    • Be a good blogger - whoever moderates your comment will probably click on your commentluv link, and if the post they click on is thin or crappy, or if your blog design sucks or is ad-heavy, it's unlikely your comment will be approved, and it's also likely you'll get spam reports.

    So if you want a jumpstart getting some manual comment love, post in this thread and specify if you'd prefer 30 random commentluv blog URL's or 5 PR2 or better commentluv URLs from my last harvest, and I will send them to you via PM at my earliest convenience. Thanks and rep are appreciated, of course, and I reserve the right to close the thread and/or stop sharing if things start to go negative with this.
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