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Sep 9, 2023
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How can one obtain backlinks through free blog comment sites? Is this method as effective as paid one?
Use scrapebox for blog comments. Regarding effectivity do your own research
not only is it ineffective, it is also considered spam by google :)

You can use mass-spam tools like Scrapebox or GSA for this (or even MoneyRobot, SEO Autopilot, etc... basically, any tool that can create backlinks automatically it will probably be able to build auto-approve comments, too...)
You can use the automation tools for it to build, but as effective, I'd like to suggest you always focus on obtaining the backlinks from genuine authority sites to avoid spammy and make your site trustworthy.
Backlinks from free blog comments are possible by providing valuable comments, but often less effective than paid strategies
You can generate blog comments using Scrapebox. Analyzing its effectiveness would be helpful for determining its efficacy.
About Free links:
Find blogs that allow comments by using Google search operators such as "keyword" + "blog comments" or "keyword" + "leave a comment".
You can find blogs that allow comments in your niche by using blog commenting search engines such as DropMyLink.
Use a backlink analysis tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush to check your competitors' backlinks and see if they have any backlinks from blog comments.
Almost all blogs have plugins that delete spam, so maybe could be more productive to insert a few manual comments in blogs of the same niche adding a useful comment: users will be enticed to click and you will get some organic traffic.
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