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[FREE] Blog Commenting Service for BHW members!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by jend_sudirman, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. jend_sudirman

    jend_sudirman Junior Member

    Sep 18, 2008
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    corrupt blackhatter.
    corrupt country..
    Hi, guys and girls.

    Inspired by the generosity of ismaakeel at his/her thread:
    I also want to contribute to this forum as this forum has given so much to me and I haven't contribute any useful info. Forgive me for that. :(

    While I wait for pofecker to approve my service thread, here I will give 10 person blog commenting service up to 5,000 targeted blog urls* for FREE. These urls will be no-follow and do-follow. I have used this myself and have good backlink result from it.

    The rules are:
    1. You give me keyword(s) so I can collect blog urls database and then comment on these blogs.
    2. You give me email (optional) or I will generate it for you.
    3. I'm not trying to steal your niche, so don't attack me. If you don't want my FREE service, move along please.
    4. I will give you the report after each "order" completion.
    5. Each member who get my service should give a review/feedback of the free service. I want some reputation here. Each member also have to mention whether they allow me to use their feedback/review on my upcoming sales thread or not.
    6. I think that's all.

    Please post the details here (or you can PM me if you don't want others to see it) :D

    I will try to finish first 10 order within 36 hours.

    1. I will go for now as I have some activities to do. I will go back A.S.A.P (within 3-4 hours from now).
    2. If you're not included on the first 10 person, don't worry because I might add more slots for this free service. :)
    3. To ismaakeel: I know that you have xrumer, but if you want to try my service, you will be on the priority list.

    *success rate up to 75%.

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  2. heiny

    heiny Regular Member

    Dec 5, 2008
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    Can I ask how you do the livejournal blog's? mine says success but it's not a success!