FREE Backlink Service From Network of 20 blogs + 20 traffic portals + 20 SEO portals


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Dec 3, 2009
Hi Guys,

Who would like to have his/her business featured in our network of 60 websites (20 blogs + 20 traffic portals + 20 SEO portals)?

For FREE !

I think this is the least I can contribute in exchange for all the free stuff and tools I've been able to get from the community.

Just provide the following information:

1) Pick your main target keyword (no longer than 28 characters, you'll know why later) and use it when you sign up here, this will generate 40 portals (like what I have) for you with your target keyword/phrase to help you in your SEO effort.

2) Confirm your email and send me an email at tiyarli(at)

- Use your veretekk ID (which is also your main keyword/phrase) as the email subject

- Title and Content promoting your business or website. (unique content works best, at least 1 paragraph and please don't send me your whole salespage!)

3) 2 to 3 target keywords you're trying to rank for (3 keywords x 60 sites = 180 permanent backlinks) Sprinkle these keywords in your content to use as anchor text

NOTE: No more gambling, adult, or any illegal stuff please. I don't want to lose this network I've setup.
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Please provide some content what your site is about in order to give value to the blog visitors.

Dervie, your content is posted. pls check your PM
Count us in....thanks!!!!!! You are a great guy to offer this. Best Toby
Guys, I'm having trouble accessing the PM's coz it's taking too long for the PM page to load.

Please see the revised post above and just send me the details to my gmail account
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