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    I haven't used the program because I don't have an article.
    If you would like to help me out it would be greatly appreciated.

    I don't have a captcha service. That means I will enter them until I get bored then skip them.

    You need to write and spin a minimum of one article and summary. Spinning is most of the work. If you don't have a spinner download this one, it is free.
    AMR says"* Note * We recommend that you do not use a free email account, such as gmail, aol, or yahoo, as many article directories do not allow signing up to them using these accounts. Instead, create an email address on one of your domains. If you have cpanel,
    [URL="http://www.techiecorner.com/86/how-to-create-email-account-in-cpanel-hosting/"]click here[/URL]
    to learn how."

    If you want to do this read the instructions so you will know what I need from you.
    This is important and from AMR.
    1) Many article directories require an article that is 500 words or more, although in my experience, most are happy with anything > 400
    2) Don't put HTML in your body. That includes UL, EM, B, STRONG, A, and the rest. NO HTML. That is - unless you want more failed submissions
    3) Limit your resource links to a max of 2.
    4) spin your content using an intelligent spinning solution - most likely your BRAIN - or else expect never to get published.
    5) Avoid the following words in any portion of your article, or naturally, any spammy type words: porn, viagra, penis, gamble, roulette, blackjack, swears, etc.
    6) keep summary under 300 characters, and unique from body content