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FREE anonymous 10MB HOSTING SPACE+Domain if u HELP ME FAST!!!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by hairypothead, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. hairypothead

    hairypothead Newbie

    Sep 29, 2008
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    Hi Girl's & Guy's,
    Ive been looking around hr 4 the last few days.....was just curios......Now I've realized I'm in big SHIT and need Ur help!!!About 4 month ago, when I started building my site I asked a russian buddy how 2 send massmails.....
    -he wasnt too interested bcoz of the low volume and just asked me if I know PHP.........Now my site is up, I'm just done with harvesting 10k very nichemails, got myself a copy of Gr*upmail5,blasted out 1000 mails -and see: only 500 got delivered... rest was mostly rejected as spam!!!!!Than 2day I take the next list 3.6K, turn on Gr*upmail5,change delivery settings to SMTP- start- and what a heck???---Straight away the first 80 receivers have rejected my mail............Than I remembered my russian buddy's words, switched off Shitmail5,started to read about joomla, php nuke and mk postman.----now here it comes:I'm not a nerd- don't know shit about scripts or how to fix it all on my VPS etc...
    I NEED A VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION and sorry but I can't share my list with ANYONE!!!!
    Can someone plz help???

    Hey Guy's,
    since I've spent much hard work myself to get these addys and I've also hired two girls each for one month to help me collect this emails Im only able to tell you so much:
    All email addy's belong to very big MNC's (multinational companies) and some to different government- research institutions...
    each of these companies have at least 20, but even upto 25000 employees.
    I'm selling 7 different products in the range from min. 1000US$ -27000 (twentyseven-thousand)US$.
    None or almost none of these addys, (max. 20 out of 10000) are google/hotmail/freeaccounts.....
    I trade : 1Domain Name of ur choice COM/NET/ORG + Web Hosting Space 10 MB for Linux for one year incl. CPANEL registered in any reasonable real sounding name, for the best solution to my problem.

    You can't use the the site 4 porn,spam,gambling or anything what's against the webhosters T&C's.....or the law!!!!

    It will take me max ten days to set it up after I have finished my work.

    Let the ideas flow in, good luck