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    Hey all,

    Ok I sent Clix a message earlier and he told me to post this here. I have been on this forum for a few months now and have greatly appreciated the posts, comments, methods, and downloads. This community is one of the best I have had the privledge to be a part of.

    Next week I will be launching my membership site that I have been working on for a while now and I thought to myself how can I help out some of the kick a$$ peps on BHW, so this is what I came up with:

    The site has 3 membership levels : Silver/Gold/Platinum
    well what I am GIVING you is the opportunity to advertise through a banner for a full year and NO COST!!! Now I cannot accomodate everyone here and I am sorry for that as I do not want to slam my potential members with a buttload of advertisements as that is not why they are there.

    So this is what I can do I am giving 5 banners to Executive VIP's, 5 to Jr. VIP's and 5 to regular users. Executive VIP's will be placed in the Platinum members area, Jr's in the Gold and Regular in the Silver.

    Now I am not saying that these banners are going to get clicked on and I make no promises that you will make money from them but FREE advertising is still FREE. So this is how it will work banners can be 600 x 150 jpg/png/gif format. I do not have a banner rotator set up they will be static on my pages and I will be the one adding them so I will need the graphic and a text doc with the linking code you wish them to goto sent to me via email @ [email protected] . I am sure I will prolly get a flood of emails coming in and I will only be choosing the ones that come in first come first serve. Please indicate on the text doc your BHW name for verification of member status. The banners can be promoting anything you want as long as it doesn't show NUDITY, not saying you can't promote adult stuff just please no NUDITY. The niche is all areas of IM.

    When the site does launch I will more then likely set something up here for BHW.

    Thanks for everything all!!!
    Kevin aka Fulleclipse
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    Great share! I'll see what materializes :)