Free Advertising Slot on my next 5 Reports


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Jun 3, 2008
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I know some of you are busy preparing for the Christmas day, but I know some of you BHW addicts are online checking threads.

I want to include your links on my next 5 reports (domain list).

Owner-Admin-Mods just PM me if interested
for your free 234x60 banner ad slot

First 10 BHW VIP to reply here with
their link (homepage, deeplink or affiliate link)

First 5 Regular/ Registered Members to reply here with
their weblink (homepage, deeplink or affiliate link)

First 3 Newbie Members
their weblink (homepage, deeplink or affiliate link)

your ads will be included for 5 days or average 5-7 reports

These ads will be added on the last page of my domain reports (ebook list)
check the sample file from this site

I can accept adult links. No hacking, spamming, racist, pedophile & anti-government links.

The blog's not that big yet (around 700 visitors a day since birth), but I'd rather share the slots to fellow blackhatters, and hey it's free :D

Happy Holidays and Goodluck!

First Come First Served!
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Please add mine
Hey, it would be great to see this one added
woo hoo free advertising! thanks dude

Thanks for the Offer, can you add mine? :)

Merry christmas.

would love to see a spot reserved for me..... just dont have a clue what site i could promote on this :S

my squidoo thread here maybe lol :p
add mine too :) thanks!

sorry hawke missed by that _ much
@fatboy - ofcourse I will ;) happy holidays
err blue name means VIP right :D?

0 newbie spots
8 vip slots left
3 registered members left
thanks very much :)
Have a great holiday!
Can I get the registered members slot, or are they all full? The link in my sig would be great if you could add it.
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@grafextreme sorry no more slots available for Newbies

0 Newbie
0 Registered
8 VIP slots left

Next Report's to be released on the 26th.
I'll keep you guys posted
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