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    I just want to share with you, one of the ways I get traffic to some of my adult sites.

    1. Create a few tumblr accounts, I do this manually because it seems to work best. Make a catchy name for the page.
    2. Choose a cool theme to attract more attention and keep visitors on your page for longer.
    3. I use pr traffic booster to auto follow people and also auto like posts.
    4. I manually create and use adult GIF images that are watermarked to drive traffic to my money sites. More info on how you can create GIF images for free below.
    5. Queue up as many GIF images as you can and set your queue to post around 15 per day. You can adjust this if you queue up a lot of posts.
    6. Be sure to follow and like lots of accounts that are in your niche so other accounts may reblog your posts or images and help you get even more exposure.
    7. Do this on a few accounts and you can get good traffic.

    Ok here is how you can create the gif images for free using one of my sites.
    Go to http://www.xpornclub.com/ Select any video that you like. It will only work on videos we host. But we host more than 12,000 videos so you should have no problem finding some good ones.
    Once you click on the video you like and the video is playing scroll down below the video and you will see "Create GIF Image" Once you click this it will take you to the GIF creator for that video. The Gif should always be less than 2MB which is the limit for tumblr. You can add your own watermark and move the position of it and even change the color and font. The GIF will always be about 4 seconds of video so it may take you a few times to get the timing exactly correct for those cumshots and stuff like that.

    I hope this can be useful for someone. If you have any ideas on how we can make it better please feel free to let us know.
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    Strong username to content correlation.

    Nice tool...

    (no homo)
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    Nice share, thank you!