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Jan 31, 2018
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BHW, I strongly believe you are sleeping on this amazing opportunity for HIGH-VALUE backlinks.

In my Kevin Hart voice, let me explain.

Anyone building backlinks understands the importance of not building backlinks on the crowded blocks, A.K.A., high SPAM SCORE websites.

Backlink builders also know how hard it is to find HIGH-VALUE backlink targets; you know, the ones with REAL traffic, REAL keywords ranked, and great site metrics.

Rocket Guest Posting is providing you with a unique opportunity to build backlinks like a PRO!

Let me take you into the dashboard, where I'll cover some of the most important aspects, IMHO.


  1. This is your account name
  2. You create a project, which could be a domain name, URL, or a client, etc. Next, you create a "Campaign" for that project. Once you create your campaign, you are taken to the above page.
  3. You have two options to submit keywords, one, using the niche-related keywords, or two, using Majestic's database of categories. Or, you can use both, which is what I did.
  4. Using the keywords: "auto" "mechanic" "repair" + using the Majestic categories, the Rocket Guest Posting rendered 1,645 potential backlink targets! PLEASE, read that again!!!
  5. Remember, we don't build backlinks on crowded blocks, correct? Look at those SPAM SCORES. You can weed out the crowded blocks like magic!
  6. This is where you click to +submit your content.
I could have covered other areas, such as the site metrics, I'll do that on my updated review after I make a number of submissions. One thing that I do want to point out is the Match Score. The sites that I received a 10/10 were perfect matches.

That leads me to know that a lot of work went into the thought process of programming and coding this backlink-building GEM!

If you are on the fence, jump on this, NOW!

I suspect the OP is maybe getting close to closing the BETA door and will start offering subscriptions packages.

+Make sure that you always submit top-quality content.

Guys, do we have anyone else to post a review? I can't believe that this is the only one, aside from the bot lol
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