Free 5GB bandwith for top-level package of our private residential proxy network.

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I am interested in reviewing your Residential proxy network. Kindly send this to me. Thank you.
You said worldwide coverage meaning you have like 200 countries IP's? Is this all static residential or rotating residential?
Interested test
also quota expires after how long?

Yup correct. We partner with mobile/desktop application to route traffic through end user devices so we have pretty much worldwide coverage. Obviously IP pools of smaller / less technical countries are not as big as something like US. Proxies can be static for up to 24 hours, however since we are dependent on end user devices there is no guarantee for stickyness of the IP. (If the end user shuts down his device he will not be a proxy of our network anymore.

hello op , I see that you are new here welcome on board .

I would like to get a review copy .

Best regards .
Thanks for the welcome!

I am interested in reviewing your Residential proxy network, with my Windows-based applications.
If you end up not being picked through the review process we will offer free trials once we are accepted as a vendor
Interested. I am in the market for new proxies so would be perfect timing
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